Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am going to start blogging again!

Well...I am living in DISNEY WORLD now! My mom told me that I should keep a blog, and since I have a neglected blog, I think I am going to start updating today.

I have to head to work in about an hour, so I need to get ready now. But expect many more blogs in the future!
OH! I work in Hollywood Studios Merch, and my area is Hollywood Hills. This includes:
-Rock Around The Shop (the gift shop of Rock N Roller Coaster)
-Tower Hotel Gifts (the gift shop of Tower of Terror)
-Fantasmic (I sell stuff right before the show in the theatre, up and down the walkway into the theatre, and from carts all around the park)

Well, off to get ready for work!


EDIT: Just killed two cockroaches during the time that it took me to put up this blog post.


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